Heater hire in Sydney and Melbourne is made easy with our range of mushroom heaters, outdoor patio heaters, electric radiant and industrial space heaters. We have packages to suit small parties to large events. Our heaters can be used for various applications, including domestic use for parties and functions, commercial use for cafes and restaurants, warming large areas such as marquees, halls and warehouses and industrial uses for drying and curing. We offer a full delivery service across Sydney and Melbourne or you can collect from our warehouse.

Why choose Hire a Heater:

  • All our heaters are well presented and of commercial quality
  • We include gas bottles in our heater hire packages or you can use your own.
  • We offer both electric and LPG gas heaters
  • Our range includes mushroom, electric radiant, area and space heaters, so we have a heating solution for every application
  • We deliver and set up your chosen heater package saving you the hassle
  • If you find a cheaper price with delivery, we will beat it by 5%

Mushroom Heater:

A mushroom heater is the most common type of outdoor patio heater that our clients hire. It gets its name from its apperance which is very similar to a mushroom. The mushroom heater has a stem and a circular shaped lid which protects the heater from the rain. It runs on gas and lasts between 8-10 hours depending on the setting you choose. It offers a great solution for heating up a courtyard or outdoor area, and can also be used in an alfresco area or marquee if you have a clear space above and around the heater.  It stands at just over 2.3 metres tall.

Popular applications:

Heating outdoor events and parties, patios, court yards, cafes,  restaurants and outdoor festivals.


  • The heating module is up over 2m high, well away from children, offering better safety.
  • The mushroom heater has a safety switch which turns it off if tipped
  • It produce heat for between 8-10 hours depending on the usage.
  • You can control the temperature output, from a low setting to a high setting
  • It doesn’t require any electricity, so it can be set up anywhere outdoors


  • Not suitable in indoor areas were you don’t have at least 1.5m of clearance and plenty of ventilation.

Area Heater:

An area heater is similar to a mushroom heater. This heater can be used for warming both indoor and outdoor areas, provided you have the clearance and adequate ventilation. The main difference between the area heater and the mushroom heater is that it is smaller in size, about 1.3m in height. It has a cylinder tube shape and also runs on LPG gas. Its shorter height makes it more ideal for areas where you have low clearance, such as a marquee or pergola.

Popular Applications:

Heating marquess, outdoor events and parties, patio’s, cafes, restaurants and outdoor festivals.



  • The area heater is better suited for areas where you dont have alot of clearance, because of its shorter height
  • It  creates more heat at body height rather then above it
  • It has a safety switch if tipped over
  • The area heater will also produce 7-10 hours of heating depending on the temperature setting
  • You have control over the heating output


  • The heating module of the area heater sits lower then the mushroom heater which poses more of a risk of someone burning themselves on it if they are not careful

Space heater (Industrial & Commercial use):

A space heater is quite different to both the mushroom heater, area heater and electric radiant heater. It uses a fan and pushes the hot air out. It is best used for large spaces. It sits very low to the ground, only 50cm’s from the floor.

Popular Applications:

Large spaces, factories, marquees, can be used in the construction industry for drying and curing materials, can be used for pest control to remove unwanted insects like bed bugs.


  • Can heat large areas in a short amount of time and is the most effective heater for achieving this
  • Its short so it can fit in spaces of lower clearance
  • It can be used for drying and curing purposes



  • Pushes out the hot air with a fan so it is noisier then the other heaters
  • It sits lower to the ground so poses more of a tripping risk
  • It requires gas and an electricity supply